Flexible language training

These business English courses can take your career to new heights. They are targeted to the areas that are important to you, are customized to your individual needs and are flexible enough to accommodate your busy schedule. They can be one-to-one or in small groups, and take place on your premises, at my office or online via the platform you prefer.


Your progress is made evident from the very first lessons and you get positive feedback from your boss and colleagues within the first month! You get the opportunity to focus on your job without worrying about your language skills any more. You can finally gain the promotion you have always dreamt of and have always known you deserve! You can even apply for the position that will launch a successful new career for you!


Your valuable time is devoted only to the specific skills and language items you need. Forget about the long courses that force you to learn endless lists of vocabulary and grammar rules. With me you acquire vocabulary and grammar without realizing it through examples and carefully planned lessons that focus on meticulously designed business situations and interesting role plays!


Your busy schedule is respected and I have the flexibility to offer you courses any time of the day and even at weekends. Additionally, your homework is designed uniquely for you, making sure it is achievable, it facilitates your progress and does not need too much of your time. I aim to make your life easier in all aspects!

Business English Structured Training | Stavroula Haritou

Your lessons are designed according to the specific language usage you need in order to communicate effectively at work and at your position. The material is chosen, modified or designed from scratch to cover your needs and help you achieve real progress as quickly as possible.


You get support everyday with everything you need in order to give the best impression possible to your boss, colleagues and partners. At the same time I use this information to identify your needs, enrich your lessons and ensure your complete independence from me.


Your feelings are as important as your knowledge. Gaining an insight into your emotions I can make sure you understand and exploit your strengths in order to boost your confidence and help you become confident users of the foreign language.




Contact me so that I can suggest innovative and effective approaches for your case and set suitable course hours to accommodate your busy schedule.